O Traiskirchen

Traiskirchen is a town in the district of Baden in Lower Austria in Austria. It is 20 km south of Vienna and located in the famous Thermenlinie region of Lower Austria known for its wine and heurigers. Traiskirchen is home to the Traiskirchen Lions, a team which plays in the Austrian basketball first league. The town has the oldest public observatory in Lower Austria. The city is also nationwide and internationally known for its refugee camp the "Bundesbetreuungsstelle für Asylwerber".Refugee Camp (Bundesbetreuungsstelle für Asylwerber)The refugee camp is based in the centre of Traiskirchen on the area of the formally Imperial Artillery Cadet School which was built in 1900. The Cadet School Traiskirchen could accommodate up to 340 cadets, 160 person staff and 110 horses (for riding lessons).During the occupation of Austria a barrack of the Soviet army( about 2000 Soviet armored troops ) and a hospital was housed in the former buildings until the autumn of 1955.The buildings have been used from the government as a refugee camp from 1956 to 1960. The camp was used as a shelter for Hungarian refugees who left their country according to the Hungarian Revolution in November in 1956 for the first time. 113,810 people came to Austria on the 5th of the month and 6000 were taken to the camp in Traiskirchen. This was the first large use as a refugee camp and according to this act further decisions to host refugees from around the world were taken. The Federal Ministry of the Interior assigned an amount of 20 million shillings (€ 1.45 million) for the renovation of the building substance on 8 March 1957. Even after the Prague Spring (1968 ) Czech and Slovak refugees were brought here. In the 1970s and 1980s, refugees mainly from Eastern Europe, but also from Uganda, Chile, Iran, Iraq, Vietnam have been accommodated. Many prominent refugees found initial reception here: The later Vienna State Opera Director Ioan Holender as well as the journalistPaul Lendvai.

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