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It's been a good year or more since I started hearing this idea of collecting brithdata from famous living black folk, especially using social media and digital communications. This community project is called Starshine 2020. It aims to roundup confirmed birthdata of at least 2,000 by the end of calendar year 2020.

Creating this event to receive assistance in three key ways:

(1) Encouragement of all the famous black folks YOU know to share their data. I'm happy to receive their (time, place and date) on Twitter (@vegan), Messenger or otherwise.

Please do have them share the data with me directly, to respect their boundaries and yours. As well, the data is rate higher coming from the native!

(2) Contributions to the ongoing crowdfunding campaign I have here (). Would <3 to see a few hundred people contributing $1-5 each month that they wouldn't miss, yet would allow myself and others to work more on this. Hugely I want to pay some astrologers to write biirthday forecasts and riff off of news headlines using the data, showing how astrology can be so useful.

(3) Entries of a few famous black folks' names we need to add to our list as seen here (). By adding more names through this Google e-form (), you allow me to shift my focus to the many other tasks for this sizable and unfolding project, especially the writing which I can be very slow at yet will likely propel this forward.

Appreciate your support :)

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Demetrius Bagley
Project Manager, Starshine 2020

Starshine 2020 requests community assistance, Online událost

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