Pátek, 21. Září 2018, University of New York in Prague, 2018 International Lecture Series at University of New York-Prague

Od 21. Září 2018 - 9:00
Do 22. Září 2018 - 17:00

University of New York in Prague

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The theme of the 2nd Annual International Lecture Series, Global Leadership for Global Engagement, is a conference for professionals who are leaders in their respective communities who have an interest in sharing their work and its implications for engaging with a global audience.  Our conference will be comprised of scholars, clinicians, educators, and activists who will present work that provides new direction or introduces change to the landscapes of education, mental health, and/or sexual health/wellness.  The presentations will illuminate the complexities and challenges of conducting research, advocacy efforts, and clinical advancement of professionals as well as provide conceptual and pragmatic solutions.  
The 2018 International Lecture Series will take place at the University of New York in Prague.  As the capitol of the Czech Republic, Prague is a magnificent city that serves as a confluence for many cultural traditions and structures that survived the violence and destruction of the early 20th century.  Its castles, bridges, and communities have remained "must see" attractions.  The city of Prague provides a historic and beautiful context that professionals from around the globe cna come together and share ideas.  Inasmuch, this once in a lifetime and epic event will create international linkages for all participants.  

2018 International Lecture Series at University of New York-Prague, University of New York in Prague událost

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