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The question often arises…What does the Chamber 57 do? Who does it represent? What role does it play in the community?
By the way of simple definition, the Chamber 57 is the regional business community at work as the central agency for the community development of business, industry, professionals and other civic interests. We offer great value to our members by acting as the main source of information regarding businesses and community issues. Chamber 57 performs the tasks that no one individual can do alone – thus benefiting all citizens. It is a vehicle through which the business and professional people of our community work together voluntarily to define and solve community problems in order to bring about needed improvements.
Chamber 57, as an organization, has a unique perspective on the community and the issues that shape it. Our members represent everyone from individuals to retail shop owners, small business owners, manufacturing, civic organizations to major corporations. All members come together through committee and board meetings, seminars, informal networking and daily interaction to make things happen for our organization and for the community. To put it simply, members represent the Chamber 57 Voice.

A voice promoting products and services offered by our members
A voice in the development and support of community leadership
A voice that service both the interests of the business climate and general quality of life issues
A voice in the specific issues that shape quality of life – education, government, community assessment, diversity, and youth issues
A voice in the collective resource and network of business and community leaders, business owners, employers and products and services


CHAMBER 57 Membership, 20560 S. CICERO událost

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