Úterý, 29. Leden 2019, PVA EXPO PRAHA, Reshoper

Od 29. Leden 2019 - 8:00 Do 22:00


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We're introducing Reshoper. An event building on the foundations laid down by Ecommerce Expo Prague, but much broader in its reach. More capacity for booths, a bigger conference. Supporting programme with a lot more variety.
As attendee, you'll discover new ways how to make your online business way more effective. Find out about the latest trends and how your company can change for the better!
As exhibitor, you'll be able to meet thousands of like-minded individuals with their own online businesses. If you're offering a product that might help this audience reach their goals, you shouldn't miss out on this event. We strongly believe that personal contact remains one of the most important aspects of business and that's why we can help you beat your competition.
Grab one of our 3.500 basic tickets for free! Starting 25th September 2018 at .

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