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MSD IT Global Innovation Center, s. r. o.

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We offer you a spot in an eight-day long automated testing training (web & API) in Selenium and Robot Framework. In the evenings in the MSD IT offices in Smíchov with great tutors. For Free. If you like the MSD IT, we'll gladly employ you afterwards.
Yes, we look for people who can do web and app testing. But we also look for people who are willing to learn it - for these we open the hackerschool.cz.

What we offer (knowledge):
- Our blood, tears and automated testing training (Selenium WebDriver, RobotFramework & Jenkins)
- We will teach you all you need (API and web testing and the basic architecture of the tests). Once a week, 8 weeks from the middle of October
- The course is for FREE and if you decide to join us afterwards, we will be over the moon

Requirements (knowledge):
- You have already tested (at least manually)
- You can describe the difference between the integration test and the unit test in at least two elaborate sentences
- You have basic programming experience ("Hello, world!" and few other functions could work for the beginning)
- You understand StackOverflow in English and you can chat with a colleague from abroad
- Good level of English is a must

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How much is it going to cost? Actually, nothing.
There is an administrative fee of 1990 CZK. If you finish the training and get at least 70% in the final test, we will return you all of it.

SOFTWARE TESTER jump-start your career and your skills, MSD IT Global Innovation Center, s. r. o. událost

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