Úterý, 09. Říjen 2018, Impact Hub Brno, Android Dev Meetup Brno

Od 09. Říjen 2018 - 18:00 Do 23:30

Impact Hub Brno

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Come & find out how your apps can impact your users' lives! We'll share how powerful an  MVI architecture can be. And – have you tested your Android codebase? How is your test coverage? Let's see how simple it is and what it’s good for! On October 9th, we’ll soak up some insights from three of our developers.
The presentations will be led by:

Santiago Vanegas: Combining Observables in Rx

Iveta Jurcikova: MVI 

Michal Jenicek: Code coverage


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Session 1: Combining Observables in Rx
In this session, we'll share some examples via graphics on how to combine multiple sources of data to write faster and produce more reliable and maintainable apps using ReactiveX.
Session 2: MVI 
Here we'll talk about one of the alternative approaches for app architectures – MVI, which stands for Model-View-Intent. It better imitates how humans interact with machines, bringing us a lot of new advantages to the table.
Session 3: Code coverage
And here, we'll explore the code coverage on Android’s multi-module project written in Kotlin. We'll also show you how to connect this coverage analysis with the popular CI (Continuous Integration) solutions.

Enjoy the Tech Presentations in a Fun, Relaxed Atmosphere

Get Inspired & Learn Something New

Unlock the Opportunity to Mingle with People in STRV


Doors open at 5.30 PM and we’ll be kicking the meetup off promptly at 6 PM – so don’t be too late! After the talks, you're welcome to hang around for a beer & to network!

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