Sobota, 30. Březen 2019, Grandior Hotel Prague, Advanced All-Day Amazon Training with Kevin King

Od 30. Březen 2019 - 9:30 Do 17:00

Grandior Hotel Prague

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March 30 - Advanced All-Day Workshop and Training with Kevin King.
This is an additional training session after the European Seller Conference (March 28-29, 2019).
The Best 6 Hours You’ll Spend in 2019!
Learn How to Create a Massive Business Selling on Amazon From 7-Figure Amazon Seller, Kevin King.
Join Kevin King on March 30th for an exclusive one-day training in Prague. Once you experience Kevin’s training, you’ll realize just how powerful it is. Pick up marketing secrets, growth hacks and advanced tools used by the man himself to create his multi-million-dollar Amazon business.
Space is limited to 40 spots, so make sure you book ASAP.
Below are the topics, which will be covered during the workshop. Note, this list is subject to change based on the latest Amazon strategies:

Kevin's favorite Chrome Extensions for Amazon sellers
The power of some special words in the United States
Tips and tactics for using photos to sell more
Kevin's secret weapon to find money-making products
The exact method to know exactly which 3-8 keywords to target
How to pick products based on your budget and avoid the deadly mistake 90% of sellers make
New ways to find quality suppliers nobody else is finding

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Listing tips to maximize your sales
The easiest way to get a best-seller badge
Cool way to eliminate hijackers and counterfeiters
The one thing that must be on all your package inserts to crush it
How to deal with 1-star reviews and usually get them reversed
How to launch a product with no customer list without using big discounts or a launch service
How to upload videos to your listing for free without brand registry or a vendor account
How to show up where 35% of all Amazon sales occur. Most sellers miss this major opportunity
Brilliant ways to show up on other people's listings to drive sales to your listing
How to get long tail keywords to automatically rank with no sales, giveaways or PPC
How to create powerful Dynamic Facebook ads for Amazon sellers
The holidays are coming - are you ready to get free publicity for your products? Here's how.
How to find and vet influencers to promote your brand and products
Product launch strategies most sellers don't know about
How to create an audience to market to for any keyword or phrase on Facebook
How to avoid the #1 huge mistake most private label sellers make that kills their BSR
Something 99% of all sellers don't add to their listings, and it is costing them $$$$$
A baker's dozen of hacks that will blow your mind (worth the price of admission alone)
Free downloadable gifts for all attendees

Usually reserved for his exclusive Illuminati Mastermind, Kevin is bringing his knowledge to you! Plus, you don’t even have to spend money on plane tickets – just stay on in Prague after the main conference and learn from the best. This mastermind is an opportunity that would be crazy to miss. Only serious, advanced sellers will be there, ready to take their Amazon business to the highest level.
About Kevin:
Kevin King is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in e-commerce since 1995. He has been featured on Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous and Entertainment Tonight as well as the front page of USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. As a one-man show, he sells millions of dollars of product on and beyond.

Advanced All-Day Amazon Training with Kevin King, Grandior Hotel Prague událost

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