Pátek, 08. Únor 2019, Microsoft, Into Hospitality's Future with Chatbots Hackathon

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We'd like you to invite you to our hackathon!
Let's join forces and come up with some great chatbots for the hospitality industry. We have Azure Bot Service and the Mews property management system right at our fingertips. Not to mention, we've invited the team from BooAI to introduce their Chatbot Flow Designer to ease our dialog configuration.
Who's this hackathon for?
Anyone who's interested in creating their own dialog platform. Although the hackathon is primarily focused on developers (C# or Javascript), you're also welcome to join us if you want to help design the dialog flow or come up with great presentation.
What's the goal of this hackathon?
We'd like to find out how to make a conversation or a dialog a more natural way of interaction between Mews and the guests or employees. The best solutions will be evaluated based on:- Readiness for deployment- Business value- Completeness / Working scenario
Are there any awards for the best teams?
Yes! We've prepared some cash prizes for the best three teams, which can best be used to travel the world with our Mews Travel Club program.- 1st place: €1500- 2nd place: €1000- 3rd place: €500
You can learn more about the hackathon athttps://

Into Hospitality's Future with Chatbots Hackathon, Microsoft událost

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