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Od 06. Únor 2019 - 19:00 Do 23:30

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The new year calls for new events. Meet our Prague QA community and join in our new thematic focus groups.
Not only do we want to share our know-how, reflections and experiences, but we also crave to learn something from you! Come and take part in our very first STRV QA event!
The event will start with an introduction of our QA team by our testing queen Irina Shirnina.
The focus groups led by STRV QA team will follow:

Lan Anh Phanova: Testing tools 

Adriana Ritschelova: Process and tester's role in the team 

Nikita Beresnev: Automatisation implementation (approach)

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Michal Stanek: Self learning 


Enjoy the QA chat in a Fun, Relaxed Atmosphere

Get Inspired & Learn Something New

Unlock the Opportunity to Mingle with People in STRV

Doors open at 6:30 PM and we’ll be kicking the QA chat off promptly at 7 PM – so don’t be too late! After the chats in focus groups you're welcome to hang around for a beer, to network & just to have fun at our Scrollbar till 11.30 PM.

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