Pondělí, 25. Únor 2019, To be announced, Kiwi.com & Slack Meetup Brno

Od 25. Únor 2019 - 19:00 Do 22:00

To be announced

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We're teaming up with Slack again! Join us to learn how Slack uses Slack and why public communication on Slack matters.
18:45 – the venue opens19:00 – Introduction to Slack by Leila Tanayeva, Slack19:10 – Public communication and why public channels at Slack by Bence Nagy, – How Slack uses Slack by Jonathan Piloquet, Slack
Leila Tanayeva, Enterprise Account Manager at Slack
LinkedInLeila works with large companies in Central and Eastern Europe on their transformation of collaboration with Slack. Prior to Slack, Leila worked at LinkedIn and Oracle, where she helped clients adopt new technologies for will introduce Slack as a company and a tool and talk about why Slack has become the fastest growing business application in history.
Bence Nagy, Software Platform Lead
Bence is leading the Software Platform squad at Kiwi.com. After the talk, you should totally ask him for video game recommendations. He’s also been mockingly called names such as ‘Slack Police’, and at this event, finally, that’s actually not such a bad title to have!
Public By Default: How Overcommunicating is the Secret to a Happier LifeThe typical corporate culture is built on top of constructing the most 'efficient' and 'synergetic' communication channels between silos. Sync and catch-up meetings, games of telephone, misunderstandings leading to resentful blaming… well, to heck with all that! I'll be making the case for religious oversharing and acting like consenting adults instead, which I believe to be the (public) secret to getting things done as a company.
Jonathan Piloquet, Customer Success Manager at Slack
LinkedInJonathan advises and guides a wide variety of customers in EMEA, ensuring they launch Slack successfully, adopt it widely and are continually driving business value from Slack.A former consultant at Capgemini, and prior to Slack, Jonathan was already a CSM at LinkedIn.He will present how Slack uses Slack through use cases and best practices.

Kiwi.com & Slack Meetup Brno, To be announced událost



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