Čtvrtek, 28. Únor 2019, STRV Scrollbar, iOS Meetup PRG: Bring your Swift skills to the next level!

Od 28. Únor 2019 - 18:30 Do 23:30

STRV Scrollbar

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Join us for the first STRV iOS event of 2019! This time STRV iOS devs have prepared three talks designed to tap into basic, intermediate and advanced iOS development topics and to help you bring your iOS coding skills to the next level!

Here’s a little sneak peek:

Lukas Novak: Why Swift?

Jan Kaltoun: Concurrency in iOS

Jakub Vodak: Application states

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Session 1: Why Swift?We´ll kick the meetup off with a talk about beauty and elegance of a concise programming language Swift. We will look into main language features, learn how to write clean and expressive code, explore protocol oriented programming and power of extensions.

Session 2: Concurrency in iOSThis talk is about threading, concurrency and ways to approach it in iOS. Firstly we'll talk about concurrency theory, problems concurrency solves (and brings) and typical use cases and solutions. Then we'll explain the principles of GCD followed by Operation Queues. Both of these topics are explained from basic to more advanced uses and are accompanied with live coding.

Session 3: Application statesOur last talk we'll review all possible application states with focus on keeping the app content up-to-date. Method viewDidLoad is really not the only place where you need to update the content. You can expect multiple code examples and real-world situations.


Enjoy the Tech Presentations in a Fun, Relaxed Atmosphere

Get Inspired & Learn Something New

Unlock the Opportunity to Mingle with People in STRV


Doors open at 6 PM and we’ll be kicking the meetup off promptly at 6:30 PM. Guests are welcome to hang around for further networking at Scrollbar after the presentations until 10 PM.

iOS Meetup PRG: Bring your Swift skills to the next level!, STRV Scrollbar událost

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