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Worklounge coworking

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Many B2B companies are spending thousands of dollars per year on people, automation software and paid promotion on LinkedIn without a clear idea of the ROI they’re getting from their LinkedIn marketing efforts.
Their challenges typically include: 
+ publishing content that attracts the wrong audience or doesn’t generate traffic
+ send mass invitation requests and then spam people asking for a call,
+ send InMail messages trying to generate meetings
+ running LinkedIn ads with a brutal cost per click and zero results.
We take the guesswork out of LinkedIn marketing and help you create a robust strategy.
You’ll walk out of our one-day working session with a clear idea of how you’ll generate the flow of high-quality B2B leads, goals to start hitting, and a CAC model that you can show to your boss and prove the ROI of the channel.
+ Leverage the social selling to create a stable flow of inbound B2B leads
+ Find the most prolific market segments, create an ideal customer profile and align your content marketing strategy around best prospects
+ Create a killer LinkedIn profile and optimize it the right way to appear regularly in searches
+ Understand the LinkedIn algorithm and copywriting rules to maximize the organic views and exposure on your target audience
+ How to unite inbound and outbound approach for proactive prospecting and lead generation, conversations with the decision-makers and growing B2B sales

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+ Setup right metrics to prove the ROI of LinkedIn content marketing strategy to the CEO
+ Leverage engagement pods to regularly appear in the newsfeed of your prospects
+ Pick the right software for content distribution to save time and maximize your efforts
+ How to align LinkedIn content marketing with your B2B marketing strategy
+ Build trust and relationship with your prospects

Tailored advice and proven system. You’ll get personalized to your audience or company LinkedIn content marketing strategy. No generic advice.

Better B2B leads. There is no mystery that leads that reach you out and have an interest in your product convert much better than cold leads who you need to persuade per long period.

Clear ROI. You’ll get an analytics model that can help you to prove the ROI of your LinkedIn content marketing activities.

Aligned inbound and outbound marketing strategy. You’ll get a proven framework of how to combine both inbound and outbound marketing to increase the number of B2B leads per month.

1. You are Founder or CEO of a B2B company, B2B marketer or B2B sales manager.
2. Your company has an Average Contract Value or Customer Lifetime Value of more than €500 and your team has deep expertise in the domain you are selling
"Growth Hackers” who are looking to rely on quick-fix solutions to win over their clients. 
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
You can call Juraj Zamborsky (speak Czech): 
What's the refund policy?
We don't refund the workshop price.

LinkedIn B2B Marketing Workshop, Worklounge coworking událost

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