Čtvrtek, 21. Únor 2019, K10 Coworking, iflix Tech Talk: Breaking Code in Production

Od 21. Únor 2019 - 18:00 Do 21:00

K10 Coworking

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Join us for the first iflix Tech Talk of 2019 and beer!

On this series of iflix Tech Talk in Prague, we're going to dive deep into testing our integrations with partners and iflix application on smart TV's. Come to the event to see how we do automated testing, and breaking code in production.Get ready for presentations, discussions, food, drinks, competitions & the infamous iflix-pong!

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17:30 - Start and open doors

18:00 - Tech Talk No. 1 - How to Test Smart & not Hard

from Peter Cipov, Senior Software Engineer

18:30 - Tech Talk No. 2 - Smart TV & Connected Devices Test Automation

from Jan Tomášek, Senior Software Engineer

19:00 - QnA, food & drinks

19:30 - talk, play, eat, drink, relax, enjoy!

Check out our invitation video!

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iflix Tech Talk: Breaking Code in Production, K10 Coworking událost

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