Středa, 20. Únor 2019, Impact Hub Brno, Scaling Engineering Teams with Distributed Ownership

Od 20. Únor 2019 - 19:00 Do 21:00

Impact Hub Brno

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Bradford Cross has founded 6 machine learning startups in the past 10 years. His last venture CEAi currently has over 80 employees, in 6 cities and 3 timezones, working on 4 startups delivering technologically demanding products to rather demanding clients such as global banks, reinsurers or pharma companies. Come to listen to Bradford's experience and lessons learnt from scaling engineering teams and building a culture of ownership. Be assured he'll be very candid and insightful as always. He is very excited to meet the Brno technology and startup community so make sure you stay for some beer and nibbles after the talk.
Bradford is going talk about how a lot of teams can function well at less than 10 people and how engineering organizations fall apart as they become bigger and more complex unless you have solid systems in place. The lack of clear roles and responsibilities among engineering managers, tech leads, and team leads creates confusion. Responsibilities and context that needs to rotate gets siloed with one or two people on the team -- like code reviews, bug fixes, and releases. Building a culture of distributed ownership sets your organization up to scale.

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Scaling Engineering Teams with Distributed Ownership, Impact Hub Brno událost

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