Úterý, 19. Únor 2019, Impact Hub Brno, Blockchain Meetup

Od 19. Únor 2019 - 18:00 Do 21:00

Impact Hub Brno

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Join the next Blockchain meetup in Brno, this time with talks on Holochain, the Maths behind Bitcoin and blockchain & crypto assets.
18:00 The venue opens18:30 Holochain by Jakub Lanc, Blockchain Asset Analyst at ICOindex19:15 A short break19:30 Maths Behind Bitcoin by Robin Cussol, JS developer at Kiwi.com with a PhD in Mathematics20:15 A short break20:30 Blockchain and crypto assets by Martin Saip21:00 Networking
Maths Behind Bitcoin by Robin Cussol, JS developer at  a PhD in Mathematics
During this interactive talk, you will learn about the fundamentals of the mathematics involved in Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrency systems. Specific topics covered will include Elliptic Curves and how to calculate a public key from a private key using maths.
Robin Cussol
After completing a PhD in Mathematics, Robin decided to apply his logical mind to impact more people through software development. He now spends most of his time coding web and mobile applications at Kiwi.com, but still enjoys the odd occasion to do some maths and explain arcane symbols.
Blockchain and crypto assets by Martin Saip by Martin Saip, FinTech and AI enthusiast 
We will look at how blockchains use modern cryptography to secure assets and, in some cases, even hide information. Then we are going to contemplate the future of various distributed ledgers, including, of course, the blockchain, as well as their cryptographic schemes, thinking about their security, efficiency, user-friendliness and even understandability & ease of implementation, which go hand in hand with scrutinisation and length of use (these 2 determine, among others, how much a particular cryptosystem is adopted).
Martin Saip
Martin is a FinTech and AI enthusiast; he's interested in the blockchain, as well as machine learning, especially quantum ML. He currently works as Kershner Trading Group's Trading bot architect and as a Quantum computing consultant for the Czech Academy of Sciences. Keen into progressive technologies, his involvement with the cryptocurrencies and crypto assets began back in 2013, continuing to this day. Since 2017, Martin also keeps track with the latest progress towards the AGI.

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