Úterý, 09. Duben 2019, Palachovo nám. 4, Kiwi.com Open House 2019

Od 09. Duben 2019 - 15:00 Do 19:00

Palachovo nám. 4

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The travel business game changer from Brno opens its doors for one special afternoon.
Have you ever wondered what it looks like at Kiwi.com — the most progressive tech company in Central Europe?
Come and meet our people and learn the ins and outs of our online travel business. You can expect engaging workshops and lectures, as well as other fun activities for you. We’ll take you on a sightseeing tour around our offices and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat with our Kiwis. And there’ll be snacks too!

Kiwi.com Open House 2019, Palachovo nám. 4 událost

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