Čtvrtek, 11. Duben 2019, Charles University, Faculty of Education, Motivation, mindset, and failures

Od 11. Duben 2019 - 18:00 Do 20:00

Charles University, Faculty of Education

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Do you sometimes feel like having a lack of motivation? How do you react to failures? Would you like to learn the science behind motivation, mindset, and failures?Studies about happiness and performance show us that:NO, achieving personal goals won’t make you happy (sorry).NO, perfection and money are not the best drives for long-term success.Yes, failures are actually good for us!This conference organized by  Charles University is an opportunity for you to understand how to put into practice what science knows about long-term motivation, positive mindset, and how to overcome failures.
18:00 - 18:30: welcome drink and networking
18:30 - 19:45: conference by Adela Schicker and Mathias Durand
19:45 - 19:55: questions and answers
19:55 - 20:00: a raffle for the book “The End of Procrastination” (by Petr Ludwig and Adela Schicker)
About the speakers:
Adela Schicker
Adela is a co-founder of Procrastination.com, company growth consultant, and keynote speaker. She has lived and worked long-term in 11 different countries across 4 continents. Experience from different working environments and knowledge based on behavioral economics and psychology has given her a keen eye for people's talents as well as for the understanding of what today's fast-paced business environment requires. She focuses on public speaking as well as on helping people to be more focused and improve their critical thinking.
Mathias Durand
Mathias is a coach and public speaker for Procrastination.com. After many years in the corporate business and leading international teams, he believes that emotional intelligence, effective communication, and persuasion are crucial skills to develop for our success and happiness.
His core values are generosity, tolerance, and humility.

Charles University, Faculty of Education

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Motivation, mindset, and failures, Charles University, Faculty of Education událost

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