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CrossFit Committed

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Never feel tired again - Your body has been trying to tell you something for quite a while now.

Why don’t you have the same energy level that you used to have years ago? Is there any way of getting that energy back? Is it age related? (definitely not!). 

Do you recognize one or more of the following symptoms? 

morning stiffness
a runny nose
skin rashes or other dermatological problems
joint pain 
energy dip after a meal
bloating (bloated feeling in your gut/stomach)
nose or ear infection (more than once a year)

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If so, your body has been trying to tell you something for quite a while now and understanding these signals may help to get back the energy you have been looking for all this time. 

If you experience one or more of these symptoms every once in a while you’re actually lucky. Your body is helping you to retrieve your energy by communicating these symptoms. If you learn how to interpret them you will get your energy back really quickly. 

Everyone who is looking to get back the energy they used to have: stop looking!
If the immune system wants your attention, it will communicate the symptoms mentioned above. 
The immune system is responsible for all energy in the human body. It uses up to 30% of your total daily energy to function properly. If you feel regularly tired, your immune system uses more than that 30% which results in a decline of energy during the day. 

But don’t worry! There are ways to get your immune system back on track quickly! You will start to notice the difference within 2 or 3 weeks. In order for that to happen, it’s very important that your immune system, sleep and breathing are on point. I had the honor to work with lots of clients with energy related problems and this approach really works!

In order to never feel tired and lethargic again, you’ll have to start by acquiring more knowledge. This seminar will center around questions such as: how does the body free up energy? How can you optimize your sleep? How can you get rid of a bloated feeling? During this seminar you’ll learn everything about how these mechanisms influence your energy level and how you can make your body work for you instead of against you!

After the seminar we’ll take plenty of time to answer all questions you may still have, so that you will be able to start using this newly acquired knowledge without any doubts or insecurities. We find it very important that you understand why we teach you to do something, so that it’s easier to persist so that you’ll never feel tired and lethargic again.
The most difficult part, applying this knowledge in daily life, will start after this. It takes time to learn to apply the tips which are discussed in the seminar without difficulty. But we’ll help you with this in our 3-week video course.

3-week video course 
You’ll receive videos with practical tips in the three weeks after the seminar to make it easier for you to integrate the knowledge in your daily life. In this video course, you’ll receive:

Extra advice to never feel tired and lethargic
Self-help video to tackle regular mistakes

My mission is to make sure you’ll never feel tired and lethargic. I have been able to help many people with beautiful results. Will I see you there?

Seminar: 'Never feel tired again', CrossFit Committed událost

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