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Create Hamamatsu

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Dazideia Meetup promotes innovative business sharing (pitch) and connections between participants, whether you are an entrepreneur, innovator, developer or even an enthusiast in the market.
If you want to be a Pitcher, the event is an opportunity to introduce your startup or innovative business in order to validate, publicize and listen to questions that you do not always ask yourself. It is also a great time to start networking with potential partners and customers.
For Enthusiast, who watches the pitches and gives feedback, it is an event to inspire yourself. Many participants look for partners, startups to invest and there are also those who want to look for innovation and new technologies, get out of the box and connect with each other.
Sponsors: Hice: Hamamatsu Intercultural Center, Yorokonde, BBG Ásia Tokai Shizuoka, Viver e Trabalhar no Japão
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"Challenges for an entrepreneur: from business plan to profitability" by Angélica Yokoyama
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✖️ Pitcher: pitch your startup or innovative business
✖️ Enthusiast: connect to innovation market, watch and give feedback to pitches

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► Check-in - important for the dynamics of the event
► Challenge: meet at least 1 new person
► Watch the talk
► PITCH TIME! Each Pitcher will have:
⏳ 3 minutes to pitch the business
⌛ 5 minutes for questions & answers
► Stay! We will have investment dynamics and tons of networking!
⭐ Winner Pitcher Awards ⭐
★ 1 year of premium website hosting on Hostinger
★ 1 month + ​​​50% discount for the first 12 months on sales platform Pipedrive
★ 1 month on follow-up automation SaaS
★ 50% discount for 3 months on Pluga
Are you curious about innovation or how to structure your Pitch? Learn more in → 

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