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The Joe Cipriano Career Consulting Private Sessions provide you with the ultimate plan for focusing on you and your career.

Each session is a one-hour, one-on-one experience where Joe focuses on the specifics of YOUR career and to what heights you want to take it.

These private sessions are sure to be one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your career. Everything is discussed in an open and caring atmosphere, starting with where you are now and where you want to go.

We'll talk about logical steps to building your career, maintaining your career, remaining relevant in the ever changing landscape, developing short and long term individualized career planning to achieve your goals and more.

Through Joe's connections with a wide variety of colleagues within the business, he can facilitate referrals for you, and not only help network you with these pros, but do so at a reduced cost to you.

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Joe's private career counseling sessions have been a "hot ticket item" at fundraisers for the Don LaFontaine Voice Over Lab over the years and they've been purchased for upwards of $800 per session.

Joe is currently offering the one-on-one private sessions here for what Don LaFontaine would call, "A Spot and a Tag" - $295.00

Private Career Consulting Sessions - 2019, Online událost

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