Středa, 10. Červen 2020, Online, Virtual HIIT Fusion

Od 10. Červen 2020 - 17:15
Do 03. Duben 2024 - 18:15


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This sweat session combines elements of high-intensity interval training with cardio, strength & flexibility for a total body workout.

About this Event

This 60-minute virtual group fitness class covers all facets of fitness, expect your heart rate to be elevated with the high intensity movements (low impact options shown for all exercises). You will be using your bodyweight for intense strength and core exercises. And since a strong body is a flexible body there will be a dynamic warm up and an extended period of stretching at the end of class.

This workout is appropriate for all fitness levels. Modifications offered for all movements. No equipment needed. All you need is about a 4 square feet of space to move freely. A yoga mat would be helpful, but not necessary.

This class will be taught via Zoom. You will need the Zoom desktop or mobile app to access the class. The Zoom meeting room information will be emailed to you each day or at latest 15 minutes before the class starts

Virtual HIIT Fusion, Online událost

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