Neděle, 05. Leden 2020, Uncensored Studios, SHAKEDOWN MOVEMENT

Od 05. Leden 2020 - 17:00
Do 24. Leden 2021 - 18:00

Uncensored Studios

Uncensored Studios
United StatesSan Diego5080 Camino Del Arroyo #115
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A soulful approach to exercise

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We will be moving together through a series of floor Barre, Pilates, and Dance cardio. These exercises help to promote strength, length, coordination, balance, and rhythm in the body. Get ready to get playful and sweaty in this 50 minute low impact yet high intensity flow!

All levels are welcomed. No dance experience is required. Bring a mat, comfy shoes, and water. Grip socks are optional.

Please sign studio waiver prior to arriving.

SHAKEDOWN MOVEMENT, Uncensored Studios událost

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