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Od 10. Leden 2019 - 18:30
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*** meeting in the pub is cancelled, but there is an online meeting;  https://zoom.us/u/ad8D1ef8BL ***

Everyone is welcome at Central London Toastmasters club!

Come along and observe how the meeting is held (100% free).

It's time to enhance your public speaking skills and become the charismatic speaker you have always wanted to be. Impress your work colleagues with your smooth and polished presentation skills. Amaze your friends with your newfound confidence and storytelling ability.

As the premier weekly public speaking club, Central London Toastmasters is a great and relaxed way to start public speaking.

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The meetings are very friendly, informal and a fantastic place to start your public speaking allowing your confidence to grow. We have many members who were anxious at their initial meetings, but now talk with total confidence. If you come along as a guest, you can chat to them, you will also see how warm and welcoming the club is.

Public speaking meetings are also held on Mondays and Tuesdays at the same venue.

When you decide to join, a full year’s membership of 50 weekly meetings is only £168 plus a one-off payment of £30 registration fee.

RefreshmentsMeetings are held thanks to the support of our venue, the Shipwrights Arms, who serve a wide selection of drinks, including non-alcoholic.

Drinks purchased from the bar are allowed in the meeting.

Please be aware that food and drinks purchased off the premises are not permitted.

Testimonials"Such an inviting a friendly club, I felt so welcome" - Sarah"Its amazing how quickly you can overcome your fears, my sales presentations are a lot less stressful" - David"The meetings are fun, and its great to have a drink and chat afterwards" - Lucy

Public speaking for beginners, Online událost

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Min 40 års fødselsdag

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