Pátek, 10. Květen 2019, Online, Create your Marketing Strategy Live: Two Day Business Leader Masterclass

Od 10. Květen 2019 - 7:00
Do 08. Červen 2021 - 16:30


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Why is your business a well-kept secret? Optimal marketing starts with a smart strategy designed to make you independent and effective.

About this Event

Why is your business a well-kept secret? 

Optimal marketing starts with a smart strategy designed to make you independent and effective.

When it comes to making your marketing effective, and specifically to getting customers coming towards you, what’s your biggest challenge right now? 

If you are a business leader losing money, pipeline, and potentially even your business, because your marketing doesn't seem to work, then this masterclass is 100% for you and you should absolutely read on.

Over two days we will show you our 'Conversation Mastery' system. We will build all of these stages for you and give you control of your marketing. You will get customers coming towards you as a result:

  • Starting with Story Mastery you will learn how to position your business perfectly.
  • Brand Mastery will help you build the perfect brand including your USP, WOW, and more.
  • Then Content Mastery emerges from that giving you all the content you could ever need.
  • Finally, Campaign Mastery helps you build meaningful and relevant campaigns to truly become conversation masters.

Over the past 20 years Al Tepper, the founder of TepFu, has created a repeatable system perfectly designed to enable business owners to transition from reactive and standard marketing to proactive and remarkable marketing.

Many business owners, founders, directors, and leaders responsible for marketing have no coaching or mentoring on how to be a Marketing Leader in the business.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If the above sounds like you, then getting experienced support to ensure you deliver the best results for your business is a no-brainer. Not just a certification, but real-world, commercially-astute, marketing reality.

And now business leaders can take a massive jump forwards on that journey in two amazing days.

Every month Al hosts a private two-day Marketing Leadership Masterclass for just 3 business leaders.

If you are coachable and committed to owning the marketing for your business (and by the way that doesn’t mean doing more work) then you are in serious luck.

That’s because getting access to Al is becoming increasingly difficult for smaller businesses as his day rate has climbed to £1,800+vat per day.

So this masterclass is a golden opportunity for you to learn from Al for both days and uncover significant value for your business for a fraction of the normal cost.


  • Save money and lower your cost of customer acquisition.
  • Make your marketing more impactful to existing clients and prospects.
  • Ensure your Return On Investment for any marketing spend will go up.
  • Prevent anyone from selling you the wrong product or service just to suit their targets.
  • Build your brand story to really get your team and prospects excited and evangelising.
  • Craft the ideal marketing strategy to suit your business budget and resources and your prospects.
  • Blend social media into your marketing activities to fully leverage your content and people's assets.
  • Use our Brand Pyramid methodology enabling you to tell and retell your brand story.
  • Create the ideal Strap-line, USP, and WOW statements to really excite your audience.
  • Convert your content core into an impactful content marketing strategy.

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