Sobota, 19. Prosinec 2020, Online, Your Nerves on Comedy Online Workshop Sun. 20/12 10-2

Od 19. Prosinec 2020 - 23:00
Do 20. Prosinec 2020 - 3:00


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Explore the role of your nervous system in managing stress while writing & performing jokes to deeply connect you with live audiences.

About this Event

Join Tight 5 Comedy's favourite psychotherapist of colour, Jackie Nugara from Your Brain on Comedy workshops, as she walks us through how our bodies manage and respond to the stress of writing, rehearsing and delivering live performance. Then, tackle difficult comedy concepts and material in a professional writers' room setting, where you'll get help filling in story gaps and tapping in to other communication skills for a satisfying, memorable performance every time.

Designed for intermediate and advanced writers and performers of live comedy. Gain superior comedy craft and audience connectivity while you challenge yourself to build on past material.

▪ Suitable for adults and teens 16+(WWC1289363E) with Intermediate-level English or higher

Limited places available. Register now!

1-Day Workshop / Sunday 20 December 10am-2pm Sydney Time via Zoom


10-11: The Nervous System, Vagus Nerve & Audience Connectivity with Jackie Nugara

11-11:45: Killing Stage, Page & Screen Fright with Tina Zaman

11:45-12:15: Visibility, Authenticity & Performativity in Writing

12:15-12:45 Building Performance Stamina

12:45-1:15 The Comedy Performance Cycle

1:15-2pm: Structuring a 15-Minute Act

Comedy on King Stand-Up Comedy Show

Date and location TBA 6:30 call time for performers, 7pm show start

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Your Nerves on Comedy Online Workshop Sun. 20/12 10-2, Online událost

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