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Network globally. Learn about entrepreneurship and using technology in business. Dynamic amazing speakers! FREE #entrepreneur directory.

About this Event

NOTE: We are now using Zoom for our Mastermind meetings. Directions are provide when you register.

Join us EVERY MONDAY at 8 PM EST where we Develop our God Given Talents for Business.

We meet each week to read and discuss books to learn about entrepreneurship and secondly to network with like minded individuals from around the world. Listen to and learn from amazing dynamic speakers. Learn a new technology tip each week to implement in your business.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. The road to success is full of pot holes and detours. If you want to learn what it takes to successfully arrive at your entrepreneurial destination, then you need to attend our weekly Every.Black Entrepreneur International Mastermind meetings. Read and study books about entrepreneurship with us to develop a positive mental attitude to accomplish your goals. Brainstorm to find innovative solutions, network with like minded individuals, share with and learn from the experience of others, all in a friendly, nurturing atmosphere of accountability, support and faith.

These meetings started over 80 years ago by a man named SB Fuller ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_B._Fuller). SB Fuller started a business with $25 and created a corporation bringing in over $18 million each year. For over 40 years he mentored thousands of other entrepreneurs through weekly meetings where they read books and networked with one another. One of the people he helped was a man by the name of Joe L. Dudley, Sr., ( https://www.dudleyq.com/joedudley.html) of Dudley Beauty products. Dudley started with $10 and created a company grossing over $35 million each year. When SB Fuller died, Joe Dudley promised Fuller that he would continue the weekly meetings to help other aspiring entrepreneurs. Dudley has kept that promise for another 40 years and still continues to do so today. I had the privilege of attending the meetings at the home of Joe L. Dudley in 2015 and now we conduct our own meetings virtually each week ( http://www.every.black/masterminds). The legacy continues!

Again, I thank you for registering to attend the Every.Black International Entrepreneur Mastermind meetings. Be sure to attend each week and tell a friend.


Jimmy J. Davies, Founder of Every.Black, email

Join us EVERY MONDAY evening and tell a friend! The meeting starts promptly at 8:00 PM EST. Register  to obtain your FREE copy of the Every.Black Membership Directory.See you at the meeting!

Benefits of Attending a Mastermind Meeting

  • Discover solutions and ideas from brainstorming.
  • Tap into the experience and skills of others.
  • Increase your confidence in the decisions you make.
  • Be accountable for real progress in your business.
  • Obtain an instant and valuable network.
  • Develop a sense of family.  You are not alone.
  • Innovate from new ideas.
  • Boost your everyday positive mental attitude.

Join the Every.Black Family at to receive your 30 DAY FREE Trial Membership and be included in the all new Every.Black Membership Directory.

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“Where there is change, there is opportunity. Since change is constant, there is always opportunity.” ... Jimmy J. Davies

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