Pátek, 03. Červen 2022, Conway Hall, The Playing Human Conference and The International LAFTAS

Od 03. Červen 2022 - 8:30
Do 05. Červen 2022 - 16:00

Conway Hall

Conway Hall
United KingdomLondon25 Red Lion Square
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The Playing Human Conference and Laughter Yoga 25 Anniversary is back in London on 5-7 June 2020! The idea for the title of this conference came from an article I read only recently on the topic of playing as adults, and my mind wandered back to an exhibition I visited in my teens at the art gallery, Louisiana, north of Copenhagen. The exhibition was called **** Ludens - the Playing Human and was about play through time depicted in art and expression. This encouraged further inspiration through the book written in 1938 by Dutch historian and cultural theorist Johan Huizinga, “**** Ludens”. A bit of context for those interested: www.gamestudies.org/0601/articles/rodriges

Friday evening is a great celebration introducing the FIRST International LAFTAS!

We have an outstanding line-up of world-class speakers

Sue Haswell

Julien Pechot

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Eser Mutly

Tinny Potty Dindin

Shoot from the Hip

Kate Hull Rodgers

Leif Hansen

Hocus Pocus Theatre

Miriam Akhtar

Maggie Irving

Albert Nerenberg

More to be announced...

Three days for only £150 early bird including food friday evening and lunch over the weekend plus coffee/tea breaks.

The Playing Human Conference and The International LAFTAS, Conway Hall událost

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